There are alleged sightings of Bigfoot all across America, but most are in the Pacific Northwest. There's a new share of 3 chilling eyewitness sightings that have happened here in Wyoming.

Here's the audio retelling of Sasquatch sightings here in Wyoming including one near Cody and also Yellowstone.

The first story involves brothers who were cutting timber between Cody and Yellowstone. They saw movement up the slope near the river where they were cutting wood. Both of the brothers are hunters and are familiar with elk and bears. What they saw didn't look like either. By the time they got the binoculars, the creature was about 1/4 mile away from them. They could see that whatever it was walked upright and was up to 10 feet in height and had a mass that couldn't be accounted for as a bear. It walked for over 100 yards.

The second sighting came from a man and his friend who is a geologist as they entered Yellowstone from Cody for their job. As they came across a curve in the road, they encountered a hairy, shadowy figure around 200 feet away going 45 mph. They saw the reflection from the creature's eyes which looked like a dog's. The shoulders, chest and head moved simultaneously. This was no bear. They slammed on the brakes as the 7 1/2 foot tall creature approached them briefly after coming up out of the ditch and crossed the road. They claim it crossed the entire road in just 3 strides. Definitely not a bear.

The final Wyoming sighting happened when two guys were in the woods placing bear bait. They noticed a carcass on their path which was concerning since they had not seen any predators in the area. They also had not seen any eagles to explain the carcass. As they were approaching the bait box, they heard timber breaking along a tree line. One of the guys dismissed it as a moose. The other didn't think that was right, but they proceeded to their destination. They again heard sounds and this time they could tell that whatever creature it was walked upright and was too big to be a bear.

Listen to these stories and see if you're convinced. Most of the eyewitnesses claim to be experienced hunters and know the difference between a bear and something else. It's not often we get this many alleged Wyoming sightings of the legendary Bigfoot.

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