We found out this week that 'Second Street' is Wyoming's most popularly named street. When we were having that conversation, we wondered what interestingly named streets the Cowboy State had to offer.

You may, or may not, be surprised that when streets are named today, they're named by the developer of a new subdivision or area that is being developed. The process isn't as easy as it was when Wyoming was being first explored and places were being discovered.

The developer has to take a list of street names to the city to be approved. It's really probably a lot longer process that you'd think.

The streets, roads, courts, boulevards, place, ways and avenues that already have names are mostly have historic meanings.

CY Ave was named after the CY ranch, Poison Spider Road is named after Poison Spider Creek, Bryan Stock Trail was named after brick maker John P. Bryan and Wolcott was named after rancher Frank Wolcott.

Many of the streets and roads in Wyoming have clever names. Many of them named after a pretty obvious landmark or even that happened in the area. You can only imagine what was going on around the time that some of the names were thought up.

Were they sitting around the fire after a long day of riding just coming up with interesting names?

Chewing on a piece of jerked bison meat and thinking, "we got really lucky today, we barely escaped that Bison Circle...but boy do they taste good".

However the road name were thought up, we're glad that they had a good sense of humor. Take a look at some of the great ones. If you have one to add, let us know by sending us a message.

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