More than likely you've heard the song 'Where The Streets Have No Names', right? Good news for us, Wyoming is not that place.

All over the country you can visit different cities and see some of the same street names as you would here in Wyoming. According to a Washington Post study a few years ago, there are over 1 million individual roads in the U.S., and some of the most popular streets in America are numbered, trees or named after Presidents.

Here in Wyoming, you'll surely find streets named after:

  • Native Americans
  • references to mountains
  • named after prominent people important to the development
  • influenced by Yellowstone National Park
  • Presidential names
  • animals
  • trees
  • numbers
  • letters

Nationally, the number one most popular street name is doesn't even fall in any of the "most popular" categories. The top named street in the country...."Park".  Ha...odd right?

The Top 5 most popular street names in Wyoming really doesn't fall along the lines of others in the country, but the top 2 are right online with the others. It seems Wyoming is a BIG fan of using numbered street names.

  1. Second
  2. Park
  3. Third
  4. First
  5. Fourth

In Wyoming, we have the top two flip flopped with the national ranking. (Park #1, Second #2). We share our number one street name with our neighbors to the north and northeast, Montana and North Dakota.

Most of the thinking behind "Second" being more popular than "First" is that some cities use "Main Street" or "State Street" in places of "First", making "Second" a more common street name.


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