This morning we spoke to new owner of Johnny J's Diner, Ms. Pat, and she has confirmed that the diner that has sat on 2nd St. in Casper has RE-OPENED.

Earlier this week, when I was driving East on 2nd Street, I almost had a heart attack. The first thing I saw when I got to 2nd street and Elk was what looked like a restaurant that was in trouble. Johnny J's Diner that is usually jam packed with cars and patrons having lunch or dinner and enjoying themselves. Was CLOSED and it didn't look good,

After talking with Pat, she said that the seating had been sat on for years and it was time for an upgrade. That's exactly what was done over 3 days. Pat said the the three day remodel is complete and they're back to normal dining hours.

6:30 am - 9pm Sunday -Thursday and open until 10pm on Friday's & Saturday's.

Welcome back, Johnny J's Diner.

johnny js
Johnny J's Facebook


Monday looked rough at Johnny J's though, looks like they're going to have to go somewhere else.

Johnny J's
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

Definitely had to do a double take of what was happening. Dumpsters in the parking lot, lots of trucks & trailers and workers moving quickly. Old booths and tables all over the ground and in dumpster.

 It's never a promising sign when you see things like that, but then your mind starts racing and you automatically think the worst.

Johnny J's Work
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

Then when you have a second to get a hold of your thoughts and start looking for more details you finally see good news.

Johnny J's Closed
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

After a quick Facebook search it made even more sense.

Johnnys Announcement
Johnny J's Diner via Facebook

Whew, crisis averted. Seems like the reason for all the trucks and workers is because they're doing a quick remodel. In a situation like this, all hands on deck. See the plan is for the diner to only be closed 4 days this week, then back in action on Friday, just in time for a nice weekend.

johnnys map
Google Maps

The Diner has been a staple on 2nd street for over a decade and it seems that it's time for a facelift. According to a response on the Facebook page, the staff at the diner says that 50's theme is staying.

Get ready to try out the 'New', Old Johnny J's Diner.

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