The United States is a melting pot of food opportunities.

Food's that are associated as being America's Favorites, items like Burgers & Fries, Steak & Baked Potato, Chicken Fried Steak & Mashed Potatoes, BBQ & Potato Salad and Hot Dog & Chips are available almost everywhere.

When you want to change it up and go with another flavor of food, you have those options too.

A study in 2022, conducted by, looked at the top Googled food options, Chinese food was searched for the most with 3.35 million searches per month, followed by Mexican food with 1.22 million searches. Showing that Chinese food is one of the top preferences of food options.

Other than burger, chicken or Mexican options, multiple Chinese restaurants can be found just about anywhere you go, Wyoming included.

Natrona County is about 80,000 people the majority living in Casper, Mills and Evansville. The Casper area is home to 7 Chinese restaurants, meaning there is a Chinese restaurant for every 11,000 people in the county.

Just like with anything, people are passionate about their favorite Chinese restaurant. Maybe it's the one they've gone to with their family for as far back as they can remember. Could be the first date with their significant other.

It's the same with the restaurants they don't like. They've had a bad experience in the past, it was where they had their first or last date with someone, or maybe they're loyal to the previous owners.

There's no doubt there's passion when discussing food, food options and favorite food choices.

Let's take a look at the Casper areas choices for Chinese Food.

SIDE NOTE - This article is specifically focused on Chinese restaurants. The Casper area has other Asian influenced restaurants too. Like Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. 

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