I love onion rings.

I would say that I'm a connoisseur of onion rings. That may be a stretch, but I know when an onion ring is good or horrible.

I know you're thinking, "Is there such a thing as a horrible onion ring?"

The answer is yes.

Suppose an onion ring is too mushy, greasy, burnt, not cooked enough, or not crunchy. If the onion rings taste like whatever you last cooked in the fryer or not like onion at all, in my opinion, those are horrible onion rings.

Homemade onion rings are tough to make and easily fall into the 'horrible' category. If you're going to trust someone to give you an excellent onion ring idea, you have to turn to someone who cooks like a cowboy—handmade cast iron using fresh ingredients and chuckwagon-style cooking.

I've watched recipes from outdoor cooking chef Kent Rollins for years and feel he wouldn't steer me wrong regarding great cooking ideas. I'm sold after watching his video for the crispiest onion ring ever.

If you're interested in good-looking, mouth-watering, crunchy onion rings, keep following along.

After watching this video several times, I realized there were things I had done wrong and will be changing now that I've watched the Chef's recipe.

1. Whole Milk

2. More seasoning

3. Sour cream instead of an egg

4. Honey

5. Panko (bread crumbs)

6. Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry, Wet, Panko

If you like onion rings, once you watch this video, you'll buy all the ingredients to make the crispiest ones ever.

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