I scream, you scream, all of WYOMING screams for ICE CREAM.

As a kid, riding to town with Grandpa meant stopping at the local ice cream shop for a vanilla cone. With Grandpa, there was no getting crazy with toppings or blizzards, you got a vanilla cone and you liked it.

Still to this day, it's a treat to stop to get a cone and every time that I do, I always think about those trips to town and that sweet ice cream cone.

Ice cream become popular in the US when prohibition was sweeping the nation in the 1920's. When the big alcohol companies, like Budweiser, couldn't make beer they had to stay in business somehow and ice cream was one way they did.

Ice cream was such a hit that by 1929 people were eating more that 100 million gallons of the sweet treat every year. Today, ice cream is an $11 Billion industry thanks in part to the HUGE options of flavors. Currently there are over 1,000 flavors of the frozen cream and the selection continues to grow every year.

It's interesting to think that with over 1,000 flavors of ice cream available, that there could still be flavors that are more popular than others. So, we did a little experiment and asked Wyoming which flavors were the absolute favorite.

You're probably going to be a bit surprised at the flavors that stand out in our little survey, but you'll probably also agree with the choices. Just like me, when I think back to the days of an ice cream cone with Grandpa, we all resort back to the flavors that got us addicted.

Check out the top flavors.

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