Raising a family is tough in some parts of the country, because there are some extremely un-safe places.

Luckily Wyoming is one of the safest states you can choose to raise a family, so if you've chosen the Cowboy State to give your family a proper upbringing, you've made the right decision.

Depending on the study you read, or the stats you're looking for, Wyoming sits somewhere in the top half of best states for safest states. If you're worried about your kids being safe, Wyoming's the place for you.

Now, if you've picked Wyoming, where in Wyoming are the safest places to raise your kids?

According to New Home Source.com, Wyoming's small towns rule as the safest places to live.

Makes sense, right? Lower populations means less trouble to get into, less people to have conflict with and less chance of your family not being safe.

Which towns in Wyoming are the safest?

Here are the top 10 safest towns in Wyoming to live.

10. Sheridan, WY - The northern most Wyoming town on the top 10, Sheridan is also full of legendary Wyoming history. During the summer, the town turns into on of the top polo destinations in the country. 28% below the National Crime Rate

9. Rock Springs, WY - Another Wyoming town off of I80 and full of history, making it a great and safe place to live. Like most Wyoming towns, outdoor opportunities are easy to find. 41% below the National Crime Rate

8. Wheatland, WY - Two State Parks (Glendo & Guernsey) are within a few minutes drive, giving families and visitors lots to do to stay out of trouble. 35% below the National Crime Rate

7. Douglas, WY - The home of the Wyoming state fair and the home of the Jackalope. The family friendly town of 6300 is a great centrally location towns and has everything you'll need to be comfortable. 49% below the National Crime Rate

6. Laramie, WY - Even though it's a college town, Laramie is the largest town in the top 10. The town has quite the history of wild behavior, but has since calmed down and become one of the safer places to live. University of Wyoming activities keep the entire town occupied. 49% below the National Crime Rate

5. Green River, WY - The opportunity offered here for a family is great. River activities, year round programs to keep the kids busy and Union Pacific Railroad plays a major part of the town. 62% below the National Crime Rate

4. Afton, WY - A great place to get out and enjoy nature and all the outdoors have to offer. 46% below the National Crime Rate

3. Worland, WY - In the heart of Washakie County, the deep history and location brings families to want to live here. Just over 5,000 people call this top 5 safe Wyoming town home. 46% below the National Crime Rate

2. Glenrock, WY - The home of the Purple Herders a small community with population just over 2,500 and a small amount of crime. The community comes together often for events and entertainment in the town square. 71% below the National Crime Rate

1. Kemmerer, WY - Not the smallest town by population, but the smallest amount of crime per capita. The town's busy in tourism and outdoor activities are key to keeping locals active. 73% below the National Crime Rate

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Historic Eaton's Horse Drive Through Downtown Sheridan, Wyoming

The annual Eaton’s Horse Drive (each May) sees cowboys from nearby Eaton’s Ranch run their herd of around 100 head of horses through the heart of downtown Sheridan, Wyoming.

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