I can remember when HD came out and I always said I wouldn't cave and that I didn't need it. Now, I whine if the quality of my TV is anything less than HD.

With the advancement of technology, the game is changing when it comes to seeing the beauty of Yellowstone National Park on your 4K HDR devices. When you think of HD you may be familiar with your TV that has a picture that is 1080p. That means there are 1080 pixels that go vertically on your TV's screen (there are actually 2,073, 600 total pixels). With 1080p you can see the blades of grass on a football field, any wrinkle or line on the face of a TV personality and is considered quality video resolution.

In 2016, 4K HDR arrived on the scene and really changed the viewing quality on your TV's and other devices. If there are 2 megapixels in 1080p TV, there are almost 9 megapixels on a 4K HDR TV. Meaning the quality is better than any other device.

At Home In Wild Spaces is an outdoor travel resource and adventure video production company and they could have the highest quality video of Yellowstone National Park yet. Beginning January 1, 2022, they began publishing all of their videos in ultra-high resolution in the HDR (high dynamic range) and the first video they released was of Yellowstone.

Looking at this video on your big screen 4K HDR tv, you will be able to see videos of parts of Yellowstone live you've never been able to see them before.

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