When you buy a camera, you're probably not thinking about what you will do with it when it gets old and outdated.

Chances are you bought it to take pictures of your family as they're growing up, or maybe you had an interest in taking pictures of some of the beautiful Wyoming sights on an adventure. The problem is, like with any piece of technology or equipment, it becomes out-of-date and may not work as well as it did in the beginning.

The good news for you is, if your old camera works, you can get money out of it.

If your camera has any worth left, you can probably take it to a pawn shop and sell it, but you may not get anywhere what you want, or need, from it. Or you can take it to Wyoming Camera Outfitters in downtown Casper. They're having a camera trade-in/ buy-back event. KEH Camera is going to be in-store for 3 days to buy old cameras or give you trade-in options.

Get Paid
Stop in for an instant quote and get paid on the spot for your clean, working, used photography equipment. Our buyer will be paying top dollar.
Trade Up Bonus
If you choose to trade instead, we will add an additional 10% bonus to the value of your gear, which you can then use toward a purchase at Wyoming Camera Outfitters

Here's a list of questions you should look into to make sure you get the best money for your camera and equipment.

  • Is your gear in demand? Brand, style, model
  • Is your camera in good shape? Are there scratches, is your battery good, is your lens scratched up?
  • Does your camera have any internal issues?
  • What accessories do you have? Are they in good shape? (cases, tripods, lens hoods, extra lenses...etc)
  • Have you taken care of the camera and stored it well?

If you take care of your equipment and are looking to upgrade, this may be a good weekend to get that done.

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