We had one of our first true spring thunderstorms go through Casper this week and it was packing some spectacular lightning. If you're wondering how we grabbed some snaps, here's an easy way you can do it if you have an iPhone.

My wife is a complete weather geek and is obsessed with lightning pics.

When the thunderstorm went through Casper on Tuesday, she took this pic which we shared on Facebook. NOTE: do NOT attempt this outside or you could get zapped and not live to share anything.

This was one of several lightning pictures she took with an app called iLightningcam. The beauty of this app is you can just launch the app, put your phone in a window where it can see the sky. Your phone and the app will take pics anytime the sky flashes. Easy as that.

I don't think this app is available for android phones, but it works great on Apple devices.

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