It's that most awesome time of year when we're about to see the brilliant colors of fall invade Wyoming. After doing some digging, here's my best guess when the leaves are really gonna get good.

I'll state the obvious and reveal that this is not my scientific expertise at work here. Duh. I'm not a leaf scientist. But, the folks at the Smoky Mountains website are and they've shared this swell map about when fall leaves will reach their peak in Wyoming.

One of our guys who's way smarter than me (meaning: everyone) made a key for what the colors mean.

Townsquare Media

If you notice the date bar at the bottom, you'll notice it says the week of October 5. The week after October 5, the map shows parts of Wyoming being past their peak and the week prior, some areas haven't fully changed yet.

There is one big "IF" about seeing fall colors in our part of America. There's always the possibility that we could have a hard freeze and/or snow that could dump on our fall colors parade.

If you don't mind a bit of a road trip to the western part of our state, the Grand Tetons area regularly makes a lot of "best of" lists when it comes to fall color drives.