A waiter in Houston put his job on the line and is receiving praise after he told a table he was unwilling to serve them.

The service refusal wasn't because someone was improperly dressed or didn't have a reservation.  Instead the waiter refused the service, because he was standing up for something he believed was the right thing to do. 

The waiter, Michael Garcia, was waiting on a family of regulars who have a 5-yr old boy (Milo) with down syndrome. The boy was making noises and a family at another table made comments about the noise.

So Michael moved the annoyed party to another table further away from the boy and his family.  Then the waiter overheard someone at the table say "special needs children need to be special somewhere else".

That's when Michael had decided he had heard enough and informed them he would be unable to serve them. The annoyed family got up and left the restaurant.

Michael Garcia has become a hero in the Houston area for his actions and standing up for this little boy!

Source: Parenting Society