Pool parties are the best. It’s a chance for kids to have some good old-fashioned fun playing with foam noodles and practicing belly flop techniques. Adults, too. But according to kids down in Florida, they’re even better when alligators are involved.

Bob Barret, the guy who runs ‘Alligator Attractions,’ thought it would be a great business venture to bring his alligators to swim with kids at pool parties. And yes, this is strangely legal. Whatever happened to having a grand ol’ time in those backyard bouncy inflatables? That’s totally boring, according to Barrett. “You jump for a while and that’s it, we’ve had that party before. Clown party, Chuck E. Cheese party, they’ve all been done.” Right– that’s because there’s zero risk of having a little muchkin be an alligator snack!

OK, maybe we’re being a little too skeptical. We’ll give Barret a little break and mention the gator’s mouths ARE taped shut, so the chances of little Joey receiving a reptile toe nibble are slim to none. The creature’s names are also quite kid-friendly, like Burger, Kermit, and Fido, so the whole terrifying factor could be brought down a few notches if you’re swimming with Burger the alligator.

We’ll admit that it could be slightly awesome to say we’ve splashed around with a croc, but one big question remains: parents actually let their kids do this?!