I follow a lot of people on YouTube, but this channel might be my favorite. It's a guy who hikes the back country of Yellowstone and shares his experiences.

Stan Mills is a highly recommended follow if you enjoy seeing the wilds of Wyoming. He regularly straps on the pack and heads out on the many awesome Yellowstone trails. Here's a recent share he did on Buffalo Plateau where he came face-to-snout with bears and bison.

I think my favorite Stan adventure was on The Thunderer trail which is a hefty Yellowstone trail. Stan describes it this way on his YouTube channel:

This is a day hike up the Thunderer trail in Yellowstone National Park. This is a good day hike which will have good views at the top. I have always spotted either bear or mountain goats at the top part of the trail.

Stan has been sharing his Yellowstone hikes on YouTube for the past 4 years and he is a must-follow if you love to see Wyoming as it really is off the beaten path.

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