Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize that you haven't. A new video share shows what amounts to a snake ball in a tree. Yes, a snake ball in a tree.

I believe this video was captured near Billings, Montana a couple weeks ago. The person who shared it was kind enough to define exactly what a "snake ball" is:

A snake ball is literally a ball of mating snakes (usually garter snakes, like in this video). The ball is made up of nearly all male snakes writhing around a single female in an attempt to mate! This ritual happens once per year in the spring and only one male gets the chance to breed.

The more you know.

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This is the conglomeration of snakes that were attempting to make a love connection when this person grabbed their phone camera.

I will fully admit that snakes were created for a specific purpose in nature. However, my need to see them is not required. In this case, one is too many.

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