First, a disclaimer. I don't think there's anything wrong with Casper. I love it here. BUT, here are some hilarious online reviewers who think they have figured out what our problem is.

I found these Casper experts (*sarcasm*) on Niche. They let you review places and that includes our little part of the world. Grab some popcorn. Some of these are good including this person who thinks we have some pretend gangsters here...

There are no gangs here, there are people who think they are in a gang but it's all in their mind.

This current resident says that they are bummed about the lack of art. Oh, and we hate trees allegedly.

Pretty boring and small, with no art scene. Not very many good restaurants either. Expanding, but conservative, so there is no regard of the impact on the environment.

For the record, I love trees. Oh well. This person is blaming Michigan and Oklahoma.

I loved living in Wyoming before people from Michigan, Colorado, and Oklahoma moved here and brought their crime, bad driving skills, and complaints about how awful it is in Wyoming. Wyoming for Wyomingites!

We blame Michigan, too. We're not sure for what, but Michigan is always guilty of something. The good news is this person finds us very friendly.

The people here are very friendly and always smiling and saying hi in the street.

We admit it's a little creepy when we stop you in the middle of the street and say "hi". I'm pretty sure I went to school with this reviewer since we share the same spelling tendencies. NOTE: I did not alter the spelling in their review.

It is a grate place to grow up. There is a lot of open areas and a family friendly place. The schooling are pretty good.

That's what I told my guidance counselor. Yes, the schooling are pretty good here. Love it. Check out the rest of the Casper reviews on Niche. Good times.

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