If I didn’t know that the source was reputable, there is no way I would believe a study that claims what the average rent in Casper is.

The reason I trust this website is because it’s Niche. They pull data from a lot of sources for a lot of metrics involving Casper. If you look at the real estate part of their site, you’ll see an interesting number about what they say is the average rent in Casper. Check out this number and see if it sounds right to you:


Hold on a second. I need to try and stop laughing before I continue...Whew. OK, I think I’m OK now.

I believe that Niche knows what they’re talking about, but when my family was looking for a place in Casper, it was rare that we saw a place below $1000. I realize for a family our size we may not be “average” in what we need in a house or apartment, but as an “average” $854 sounds insane to me.

Niche states that the national average rent is $949 meaning that Casper’s average rent is below the rest of the country. I’ll stop before I stop laughing again.

It gets even better. Niche claims that 56% of Casper renters pay between $500 and $999. My jaw is now officially on the floor.

All I can say is that you need to check out the Niche stats for yourself and see if you think this is accurate for Casper.

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