The Higgins Hotel is a major part of the small town of Glenrock's history.

It was built in 1913 and was added to the national register of historic homes in 1983.

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The hotel has had a variety of owners and uses in the past years and currently has 17 guest rooms and three apartments.

The Higgins Hotel also has a restaurant called the Paisley Shawl and a small bar called the Antelope Bar.

The Higgins Hotel also comes with its own Haunted history, and at least 4 ghosts.

Historical Haunted Higgins Hotel In Glenrock For Sale

The Historic Higgins Hotel (and attached Paisley Shawl Restaurant) located in downtown Glenrock is for sale. It's on the national register of historic places and has 17 rooms and several ghosts.

The Higgins Hotel would be the perfect business opportunity for someone looking to take care of the influx of summer tourists that annually descend upon Wyoming.

I also know the locals would love another choice for a great place to eat for the occasional weekend date nights.

The current asking price for the Historic Higgins Hotel is $595,000 and you can learn more by clicking this link.

If you'd like to learn a little bit more about the ghosts, this video gives you a quick look at "Edith" and at least one other Higgins Hotel ghost.

I have to admit, between this video and a few other Facebook comments, I may have to do some more digging into the ghost stories that go along with this hotel...

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