Yup, you read that correctly...a historic home for sale in Fayette, MO includes a jail...that has 9 cells.

The house originally was home to the Howard County Sheriff, which then makes the attached jail seem a bit more rational.

But, I can't lie I was absolutely blown away by how gorgeous the living space is...and frankly I was impressed at how clean and bright the 9 jail cells looked.

Let's take a tour, shall we?

These pictures will first take you through the newly renovated (and dare we say gorgeous) home.

Next, you'll see the hidden door (yup of course there is a secret door) that will lead you to the jail.

And finally, you can look at the back courtyard of the home.

Historic Home Includes 9 Cell Jail

I wasn't lying, was I?

The newly renovated living area is stunning. With hardwood floors, historic touches, and tons of natural light, as well as a claw foot tub it's totally Pinterest worthy.

And don't lie to me, you were also impressed with the jail cells too weren't you?

Light and airy with more natural sunlight than you'd expect (and of course the pretty tree in the courtyard to look at) I'm sure the inmates were happy to be there...or at least happier to be there than a larger facility.

The commute for the sheriff would have made the job a bit simpler, and those 2 am wake up calls would have been much easier to deal with.

The question is, what would you use the space for now?

I can't help but feel that you could make one heck of a haunted house out of the cell area.

Or perhaps offer it up as a unique Air B&B experience?

I know as a mom of 5 children there are times when I wish I had separate cells to put them all in for a bit.

Just to calm them down and give myself a few minutes of peace and quiet...

In case you're wondering, despite the estimated 1.5 million dollar renovation costs, this home is available for only $350,000.

Want to see more pictures?

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