The worst part of getting older is getting older. Aches, pains, stiffness, and soreness happen out of nowhere for no real reason. How the heck can you deal with all that without being in the doctor's office every week?

I'm not saying that going to the doctor's office is bad. I'm not telling you not to go; you should go if you need to.

Just this week, my toe started hurting. I thought maybe my shoe was on too tight or that my foot had been in the same position for a while while I was driving was causing it. As the evening progressed, so did the pain in my toe. By bedtime, I couldn't hardly walk. I was sitting in the truck driving. Sheesh.

I began researching how to eliminate the pain and stiffness. I mean, our grandparents could fight pain without seeing the doctor all the time, so how did they do it? By using things they had around the house or natural resources. Some doctors will point you in the natural direction, too, so you know they have to work.

Here are five that Dr. Erik Richardson says work.

  • Capsaicin - The key ingredient in chili peppers.
  • Tumeric - Turmeric provides one of nature's best-kept secrets, curcuminoids, a group of antioxidants that supports healthy inflammation response associated with physical overexertion
  • Boswellia - Boswellia is standardized and guaranteed to contain 65% Boswellic Acids to support joints, hips, and knees. Added BioPerine, a patented extract that enhances the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients through thermogenesis, ensures superior results and efficacy.
  • SAM-e - SAM-e supplements are affordable for all consumers. We start with raw material that contains the highest level of the active S.S. Isomer and manufacture it under strictly controlled GMP conditions. The caplets are enteric coated for optimal absorption and blister packaged for maximum freshness. Our product is free from allergens, artificial coloring, and flavors; it is suitable for vegans, GMO-free, and Kosher certified.
  • Pine Bark Extract - Sourced from southwestern France, Pycnogenol is a pine bark extract that supports skin care, collagen production, and overall health through its antioxidant properties

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