You've been on your feet at work all day long and when you get home, the first thing you do is kick off your shoes. Your feet are killing you, and you're not sure why.

The problem most likely is that your shoes aren't the right size.

I know for me, I never measure my feet and feel that since I normally wear size 12, that's the size I'll always wear and that's the size I buy. The problem is, that may not be the correct size and since I never try them on, I bring home lots of shoes that I'll never wear.


Shopping is nothing more than a time-consuming pain in the backside for me. It's hard for me to spend time searching a store for clothes or shoes. I have way better things to do, but you know as well as I do, that you have to shop whether you like it or not.

Shoe shopping is one of those things that it seems we need to spend a little more time on. According to a study from Fit My Foot, men like to think their shoe size is bigger than it really is, and women like to think their feet are smaller than they really are. Because of that 3 in 5 of us are wearing the wrong sized shoes.

I've been there, how about you?

There are many reasons you pick the wrong size of shoe.

  • Style
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Color
  • Activity
  • Advantages
  • Public Opinion

Crazy that people are judged by the size of their feet. Women feel with a smaller size, that it affects their beauty. Men think the larger size is linked to their masculinity; men are programmed to think that the size of your feet is directly linked to other parts.

When you're picking out that new pair of shoes or boots, here are things to remember.

  • Always wear the socks you'd wear with those particular shoes/boots
  • Try on both of the shoes. Not just one side, both right and left shoe.
  • Leave 3/8 to 1/2 inch between your longest toe and the end of the shoe (Small hands, used the tip of your index finger. Large hands, use the tip of your pinky finger)
  • Keep 1/8 of an inch from your heel to the back of the shoe
  • Try on shoes at the end of your day. You want shoes that are comfortable when you've been on your feet all day.
  • Walk on multiple surfaces (carpet/ tile/ stone) if the store has them available
  • For boots, there should be a little resistance, if not they may be too big.

Always leave room for your toes to move. Not giving them space could cause major issues. If your toes are cramped, it could cause corns, calluses or nerve issues.

Remember that picking shoes just because they are "cute" isn't always the best policy. Your new shoes or boots should be comfortable when you put them on the first time, if not, they may never feel right.

I'm guilty of taking the "these are fine, I just want to leave the store" approach, but taking the time to find the right pair of shoes is worth the time.

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