Ripped jeans, skull caps, hydro flasks and Pit Viper Sunglasses are all popular "bandwagon" trends. One of the more popular "Bandwagon" trends all over Casper and actually the entire state of Wyoming are the 'Hey Dude' Shoes. The Wally for men and The Wendy for women are the most popular style.

It doesn't matter if you're walking the midway at the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo, checking out a Horseheads Baseball game or at any Rodeo in the "Cowboy State", you're going to see MANY men, women, boys and girls wearing the 'Hey Dude' shoes. Parents know that the 'Hey Dude's' have been on the Christmas list for the last few years, but why? Does anyone really know? Did you know you're helping to save the environment when you purchase 'Hey Dude's'? Did you know you can be an influencer for 'Hey Dude" shoes?

Hey Dude camo
Gillian Holman

'Hey Dude' is an Italian footwear company that was created in 2008 that is now based out of Los Angeles. They brand has been in the US footwear market since 2009, sold 1 million pairs in just over 2 1/2 years in existence, by 2018 over 5 million pairs sold.

It seems they've done a great job at that. The 'Hey Dude' trend actually began with middle & high school students wearing the shoes to school, then became popular with teachers and nurses, now many in the Cowboy state have become aware of the comfort they provide when on your feel all day.

Those who are interested in helping the environment, you'll be happy to know the percentage of the packaging for the brand is made out of cornstarch, which will disintegrate over time. Many of the materials used for the shoes are also environmentally friendly too.

Who knows what the next "bandwagon trend" will be, but you can bet that it'll happen and you won't even realize it until it's too late!

Hey Dude black
Gillian Holman

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