Wyoming legislators have a bill that could end capital punishment in the state. As of publication time, HB 145 is now on the House floor. The bill is still in its infancy with a long road before it becomes a law. What is Wyoming's history with the death penalty? How often is capital punishment used in the Cowboy State? This quiz will test your knowledge while giving facts along the way.


The bulk of this information on this quiz comes from DeathPenaltyInfo.org.

Q: Since 1976, how many people has the state of Wyoming executed?

A: There has only been one person executed by Wyoming. The US Supreme Court found the death penalty to be Unconstitutional for a few years. Then in 1976, the previous court ruling was overruled giving states the ability to execute prisoners for felony crimes.

Q: Before 1976, how many people did Wyoming put to death?

A: Wyoming executed 22 prisoners. Keep in mind that these criminals had to live long enough to get a trail and be convicted. There are so many accounts where the accuses dies at the hand of a lone gunman or lynch mob.

Q: Who was the last person to be executed by the state of Wyoming?

A: Mark Allen Hopkinson died from lethal injection in 1992. He was found guilty for the murders of Vincent Vehar, Beverly Vehar, John Vehar, and Jeffrey Green.

Q: Can someone be on death row even if that person did commit murder?

A: Yes, even if the criminal was just involved with a murder, they can be executed. Take the case of Mark Allen Hopkinson. He didn't actually commit the murders, but in mob boss like fashion, he had people murdered.

Q: Is there anyone on death row in Wyoming?

A: No, Dale Eaton was on sentenced to death for the murder of Lisa Marie Kimmell, but he won his appeal and is now serving a life sentence.

Q: Does Wyoming use the electric chair?

A: No, Wyoming's primary method of execution is lethal injection. When lethal injection is found unconstitutional, the gas chamber may be used. There was a bill that was trying to add a firing squad, but it never became law.

Q: Who can grant Clemency for a death row inmate in Wyoming?

A: The Governor of Wyoming is the only person who can grant clemency. However, an inmate may use the appeal system as per Wyoming State and U.S. Constitutional Law.

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