Winter is a hard season for families, especially if you don't have the proper clothing to keep warm. We all know how kids grow out of their coats pretty quickly and will probably need new winter gear every year.

You always hear about coat drives to get winter coats for kids, but what about their parents? Many times, money is tight and they may only be able to afford to buy their kids new coats, hats and gloves. Just like in many other cases, parent will go above and beyond to make sure their kids are taken care of, while going without for themselves.

This year Interfaith of Natrona County needs our help, so they can help those adults.

The company that usually sends coats, only sent coats for kids, not adults.

So here is your mission, if you choose to accept it.

Take a look in your closet and see if there are old coats that you're not using anymore. If so, and they're in good shape with no holes and clean, you can donate them to Interfaith of Natrona County. That way they'll have a supply of coats on hand when someone needs one.

I did a Facebook poll, asking how often new winter coats, hats, boots and other items were purchased. Some of the answers that were given are exactly what you'd think.

Kids usually every year. Me, never.



Haven't bought anything new in several years. Have no need, just use what I have. Don't want to spend the money.



I'm always looking for winter clothes I shop at thrift stores on a daily basis



For kids every year because they grow out of their stuff. I just got new coats for my two sons and beanies and gloves so far. Looking for snow boots



A new coat last year. I get new stuff for winter when they no longer keep me warm


This goes to show you, that the need is there, and if by cleaning out your closet and donating your old coats you could help someone not have to spend money on a coat and be able to afford food and bills, it's worth it.

If you find some of your older coats, you can take them to Interfaith of Natrona County, 919 N. Durbin, Monday - Thursday from 9am - 3pm. You can also contact them 307-235-8043 and they'll make arrangements to pick them up from you. There's not cutoff date or time, coat donations are accepted anytime.

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