Whether you just moved to Wyoming, recently celebrated your 18th birthday or have finally decided to "stop whining and actually do something about it," it is important to know the proper process for voter registration in Casper, Wyoming. Here's the best part - it takes less than five minutes. Seriously.

Step 1.) Print and fill out the Wyoming Voter Registration Application & Change Form.

Step 2.) Mail it to this address:

Natrona County Clerk
Attn: Elections
P.O. Box 863
Casper, WY 82602

Step 3.) Vote

Just in case you are a little fuzzy on the rest of the rules, or aren't sure if you can legally vote in Wyoming, check out this info from the Natrona County Clerk's website:

Voter Qualifications
Voters must:

  • Be a resident of the United States and the State of Wyoming
  • Be 18 years of age on general election day
  • Not be a felon
  • Not be adjudicated mentally incompetent

Necessary Information
To complete the Voter Registration Application, voters will need to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Applicants must have a valid picture ID (any state's issued driver's license, passport, military ID card, school ID card, etc.)
    • If applicants are using identification other than the Wyoming driver's license, applicants must also include the last four digits of their Social Security number
    • If mailing the application to the County Clerk's Office, applicants must include a copy of the picture ID used for the application
  • Applicants may complete sections 1 - 5 of the application, but section 6 must be completed in front of a notary or be notarized at the County Clerk's Office or your polling location on election day
  • If applicants would like to vote via Absentee ballot, please visit Absentee Voting

Still have questions? Call the Natrona County Elections Office at (307) 235-9217.