Some hunter stands are more exciting than others. One bow hunter just shared video of a vicious confrontation that was happening directly underneath him as two bears were in a vicious fight.

This video was just shared by a hunter on YouTube. Based on the description, I believe this happened in the backcountry of Canada.

Here's what the hunter had to say about this intense bear moment:

I was in Canada bear hunting with a bow and came across two black bears fighting.

It's hard to tell exactly, but appears this hunter took this video from a stand. Imagine seeing this play itself out just feet beneath you and you're armed only with a bow. Good chance this hunter was also packing some heavier firepower for protection.

ABC News shared a story about how black bear attacks on humans are rare, but frequently begin with dogs going after them.

Bear Smart documented bear behavior and stated that bear fights like this don't happen unless something big is at stake. The size of the bear also doesn't factor into fights like this as to who the victor will be. It's the aggressiveness that decides which is the alpha bear and which one will be submissive.

This hunter was fortunate that the fight continued on and eventually left the immediate area he was stationed in.

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