I have some great friends in Jackson that are a little...particular. But, I think I have found a tent that even they would approve of. See if you agree.

Thank you to Business Insider for sharing this. It's an epic garden dome that is perfect for that upcoming camping getaway. It's called the Garden Dome Igloo. Here's what it looks like on Amazon from the inside.

Garden Igloo, Amazon
Garden Igloo, Amazon

Part of what clued me into the fact that my Jackson friends would enjoy this is part of the description which said...

The geodesic dome form is superior to conventional shaped rooms in sustaining better airflow and a uniform temperature inside.

My friends to our west don't like to...ahem...sweat so this is perfect for them.

The only problem is Amazon has it listed for around 1200 bucks, but that probably won't be an issue for my friends near the Tetons. Since their kids have Porsches, they can maybe afford it.

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