A few weeks ago I admitted that I suffer from Brumotactilliphobia, a fear of my food touching.

First, I want to say thank you to all of our listeners that reached out to me in solidarity. It appears I am NOT alone!

After this post went up I received a lot of PM's and even an email from a listener that recommended I try the Food Cubby. I'm always open to trying new things so I took a look. According to the product description on Amazon.com.

The Food Cubby keeps food separated on plates you already own, so you don't have to buy and store plastic divider plates. It also provides an "edge" to push food onto utensils for people who might need that help at mealtime. Good for special needs, elderly, vision impaired, and occupational therapy needs at mealtime.


Food Cubby via Amazon.com
Food Cubby via Amazon.com

I decided to waste  spend the $15 and purchase this possibly life-changing product. It arrived last week and I couldn't wait to try it.

It's made out of flexible rubber and when you apply firm pressure it sticks to flat surfaces like your plate or counter.

Pro Tip #1 Stick the Food Cubby to the plate BEFORE you put your food on the plate.

Pro Tip #2 It's better to use smaller portion sizes.

Pro Tip #3  The product doesn't work really well if you're eating anywhere other than a table. No resting your plate on your knees with this product.

Pro Tip #4 Your Food Cubby won't work on a paper plate.

So, the big question is...

Is the Food Cubby worth purchasing?

My official answer is probably not.

Frankly, those of us that are already pro at keeping our food separated don't need the extra help. I was secretly hoping the Food Cubby would allow me to get bigger servings so I didn't have to go back and forth 100 times for food.

No such luck.

Everyone knows that BBQ food (baked beans, salad, coleslaw, greasy burgers) is the worst for people suffering from Brumotactilliaphobia. So it's a big loss that this doesn't work on paper plates.

Final words...It was a fun idea, but for me, the Food Cubby is a big disappointment!

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