The Holidays are here, and I for one am 150% thrilled about it.

I've been watching Hallmark Christmas movies for weeks now, but I haven't started to play Christmas tunes.

My husband insists that I'm not allowed to start playing Holiday music until after Thanksgiving.

Bah Humbug, am I right?

Ian Munsick grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming ranching and performing with his father and two older brothers at various events around the state. He is both a singer and a songwriter and often references his life in Wyoming throughout his songs.

He's recently been taking the Country Music world over with his likable genuine personality and his phenomenal tunes. Even Kevin Costner (yes THAT Kevin Costner) has added him to his official playlist.

Long-time fans of Munsick know him for his playful personality and in his most recent video it definitely comes out.

Just in time for the Holiday's he's released his own version of the Christmas Classic "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch"

Who knew a country version of this song could sound so darn right?!

And how fun was the video to watch?

As always, nice work Mr. Munsick.

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