Have you ever had an awkward moment when you're talking to yourself and you wonder if you might be crazy? Fear not. There's a new study that says you might actually be a genius.

Thank you, Reader's Digest, for the find on this one. They shared a new book by a therapist that theorizes that talking to yourself can be a sign of positive mental health that may indicate you're a genius.

That led me to a search to see if there's science that proves this theory. As it turns out, the answer is yes. Elite Daily says that even Einstein did this. Albert-Einstein.org shared details of Einstein's life that documented Albert's habit of talking to himself. They shared this nugget of wisdom:

As a matter of fact, the boy was, and remained, a reluctant talker for quite some years, and, until the age of about seven, used to repeat his sentences to himself softly, a habit which contributed to the impression he might be somewhat dull.

I have something in common with Albert Einstein. My mom would have been so proud.

Taylor Francis Online also commented on how self-directed speech can help thought patterns. Like I said, we're geniuses and didn't know it. Learning Mind also confirmed this theory about how us self-talkers are brilliant.

Next time you see me walking through the Eastridge Mall talking to myself, don't be afraid. I'm not crazy. I'm just in deep thought. Right...