Do you remember hearing some time back that Americans use 500 million plastic straws a day, and most of them end up in the ocean? No big surprise, that story turned out to be FALSE. But it keeps getting repeated.

What will be said then about the number of Covid-19 masks that I see on the ground every day? Oh, trust me, I see a lot of them. I'm not sure of the exact number of facemasks blowing across the American landscape. Lets just say - A LOT!

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I take long walks whenever the weather is nice. As I zigzag across town I see them everywhere. This includes playgrounds and schools. Parking lots. In the roads and on the sidewalks.

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I have even seen people leave masks behind on tables, both inside and out, on chairs, in the kitchen. Even more disgusting is finding them next to and under the stink, on the floor and under the toilet, in public restrooms. Used masks are everywhere.

Hearst Newspapers via Getty Imag

I think part of the reason I'm seeing so many of them is because I've begun to pay attention.  Much like when you buy a new car and suddenly you see that same make and model at every turn you take.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

QUESTION: If someone wearing one of these had COVID, then lets that mask fall to the ground, isn't that hazardous medical waste? Would it then be considered dangerous to have a bunch of used masks full of COVID-19 blowing around?

CONCLUSION: COVID-19 or not, please do not pollute. It's heart breaking enough to see how much trash, of any kind, people drop all over the place. Now we are adding masks to the equation. If you consider yourself a responsible person because you wear a mask in public then please also be the responsible person that disposes of them properly.

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