Picking the proper time to take care of the trees on your property is essential. Just like anything, it's all in the timing. If you wait too long or not long enough, you could damage the tree and leave it susceptible to disease. Pruning is one of those critical steps of caring for your trees that you don't want to do at the wrong time.

So, if timing is so important, what are the proper times to prune your trees?

I'm glad you asked.

According to sharingideas.me,

  • Prune your trees during the dormant time of winter or early spring. You always want to prune them after they bloom so it doesn't mess with the next season's buds.
  • Evergreen trees should be pruned in early spring.
  • If it's roses, you also want to take care of them in the spring and cut back until they're healthy.

If you're pruning to help heal your tree, prune close to the main branch and try not to injure the bark. Remember that pruning means that the tree will have excellent regrowth while the plant restores the health of the tree's system.

Having the proper tools and knowledge of how to get the job done is going to help the life and looks of your trees. Like anything, having a plan of action and getting things in order will help you move through the process more quickly and easily.

If you're new to pruning and prepping, here's a video to help you prepare when the time is right.

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