In some parts of the world, even still today, an eclipse of the Sun was scary. Leaders tried to explain the blotting of the Sun with some really stupid answers.

Northwestern U.S. Indigenous believed the eclipse was created after a bear fought and chomped the sun. So basically, the eclipse was a bite mark.  The tribe, the  Pomo, even had a name for the eclipse that essentially meant sun that got bit.

Wait, that sounds like it could have been the claim of pre-Wyoming natives – maybe a grizzly or black bear.

But they weren't the only culture who believed something was eating the sun.

Norse cultures blamed wolves, ancient Chinese, believed it was a celistial dragon. Either way, something was snacking on the sun. Have you ever thought that ancient people would buy anything?

So, what did people do about it? In many cultures, folks would create loud noises and try to scare away whatever beast was attacking the sun.

This may be your favorite of all the old beliefs. The Batammaliba, who live in Togo believed the sun and the moon were fighting because folks down on the planet couldn't figure out how to get along, according to Time And Date.