An old friend of mine , Jason Laird, called and said he had tried a new device and he wanted me to give it a shot. The business is called Red Hot Body Wraps and the device, the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap.

The claim is that the body wrap burns up to 1,200 calories for the hour that you have the wrap on using infrared heat which comes from silicone wraps that are fastened around your body. The energy from the heat warms up the subcutaneous body fat to 100 degrees, dissolving cellulite and excreting toxins. The body's absorption of this energy simulates a workout, burning up to 900 to 1400 calories in a 60 minute session providing body shaping and detoxification.

I can tell you after the first one I didn't feel much but after the second wrap, the skin felt tighter and I had a great boost of energy the stress drained out of my body and I was ready for the rest of the day.

Laprelle Wiggins, who runs the business side of this has had a number of sessions and has lost weight and an entire dress size. And there are other stories. Rhonda Zeller had this to say,

I'm absolutely in LOVE with these wraps. A little about my experience: I originally started these wraps to help tone my skin after a substantial weight loss. After the first wrap I noticed my hips which have had severe arthritis, were no longer hurting on a daily basis. I thought to myself no way could this happen after one treatment, it was happening before my eyes. *Both hips and pelvic bone were broke in numerous places 24 years ago following pick up versus bicycle accident.*
After the second wrap I found myself running double, my normal daily mileage. I wasn't having to stop at 5 miles due to excruciating pain in my hops. I also suffer from Crohn's, which at times has made me miserable to say the least. 24 hours after the 2nd wrap, I wasn't bloated and my digestive system wasn't in knots like normal. Crazy, I know!
So I researched the benefits of Infrared on the body, reading all the studies on the amazing benefits I am now a believer after seeing my personal results.
My third wrap, I asked for no fan so that I may detox and feel great over the holiday weekend. I felt wonderful and no issues from Crohn's, my hips didn't hurt.
My fourth wrap was tonight. I have requested that during my wraps, I sweat as much as possible. For me the sweat shows me it is working, along with I love heat.
My stress level has diminished with these wraps, the 52 minutes is my time and I let everything else fall to the wayside and imagine I'm on the beaches of Bora Bora.

As you can see there are definitely some success stories. I am going to try a few more and will update accordingly. As always be sure and check with your health care provider before if you have any questions about trying this. And for any questions about the procedure, call  Laprelle at Red Hot Body Wraps,  577-6333 of find them on Facebook HERE.

Here was my experience wrapped up in about 3 minutes.

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