One man's act of bravery showed that a bear was no match for the love of his dog. He tackled and punched a bear to save his dog, Buddy.

CBS Sacramento shared the story of Kaleb Bentham. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, he heard a disturbance outside. It was his dog who's head was in the mouth of a bear.

Kaleb punched the bear in the eye until it let his dog go. Fortunately, the bear didn't turn on him once it relented.

Kaleb said in the report from CBS Sacramento that he watched Buddy's surgery at the vet for over 3 hours and now it appears Buddy is going to be OK after some healing.

He said that Buddy was a rescue dog, so it's quite the story that Kaleb had to rescue Buddy again from the jaws of a 350 pound predator.

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