Thanksgiving is a day full of wonderful joys.  Spending time with loved ones, watching football, and stuffing yourself silly are just a few ways to enjoy your holiday.  Now you can add one more joy to this already stuffed holiday.  Shopping.

Black Friday has been a holiday tradition attached to Thanksgiving for many years.  Originally the consumers were the ones competing to get to the stores first to get the best deal.  Now its the stores that seem to do most of the competing.  The Eastridge Mall opens at 12:00 AM on Friday.  So, they technically are still keeping it with in the limits of Friday.  Walmart in Casper, despite being open 24 hours, is now beginning its sale at 8:00 PM Thursday night.  Whoa!  People wont even have a chance to finish the dishes before it's time to load up the car and go take advantage of those door-buster prices.  It appears that people are now scheduling their Thanksgiving around their money saving aspirations, with shopping taking the priority.  Let's hope the shopping holiday stays on it's side of the border before it takes over completely and we're stuck with Black Thanksgiving.

Leave a comment.  What are your shopping plans this holiday weekend?

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