According to 'Things That Creep' Herping is the act of searching for a 'herp'. A herp is short for herptiles, which in turn is the combination of reptiles & amphibians.

If you're out herping, you may find anything of these:

  • frogs
  • salamanders
  • caecilians
  • turtles
  • snakes
  • lizards
  • crocodilians
  • tuataras

Some may find the act of searching for reptiles or amphibians fun, but for others it may cause the need for medical attention.

Just a couple of weeks ago a guy named Noah Fields was in Wyoming to do some herping and look for the coveted Milk Snake and see what other reptiles and amphibians he and his pals could find.

His goal was to spend one full week between hunting for creatures in Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska. The way the 4 guys would do their herping, was to drive down the road and look for rocks that looked like good places for snakes to hang out. Pull off the road and start flipping rocks to see what their search would reveal.

It's an interesting hobby/career choice for anyone. If you're thinking about trying it, you need to make sure you know what you're doing. Know what possible herps you could encounter and how to handle the herps.

IF you're not a fan of creepy crawly or slithering creatures...herping may not be the new hobby you're looking for.

During their trip to the high plains Noah and the gang were successful in finding the milk snakes they were looking for, along with some other great finds.

You can see some of what they found here and watch the Noah's vlog below. Check out his channel on YouTube to see more of his adventures.

What You May Find While 'Herping' IN Wyoming

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