No one ever said to me that men don't cry or that I shouldn't cry, but it's not something that happens a lot.

There are lots of reasons to cry and I just found out that all tears aren't the same.

According to WebMD, you have 3 different types of tears.

  • Basal Tears - tears that coat your eyes and keep moisture in your eyes. These are present all day, every day.
  • Irritant Tears - tears that help rinse foreign objects out of your eye and protect them from things like onions, bad gas or when you get sick and throw up.
  • Emotional Tears - These are the 'magic' tears. The tears that are used to show how your feeling. Are you in pain, sad, happy or being empathetic to someone else. This type of tear also contains more stress hormones and act as a pain killer. After getting hurt, having a good cry can release the pain. Laughing until you cry will release the hormones that make you feel good. Being heartbroken or suffering a loss will bring tears that give you mental relief.

The mystery that some cry more than other's, is something that science can't really explain, but a bodies hormones play a major role in the crying game.

Science thinks t men don't cry as much as women, because of a couple things.

  • Men have smaller tear ducts
  • Testosterone is a cry blocker
  • Have less of the 'tear hormone' prolactin
  • Society

The truth of the matter is, we all cry. Some are just better at holding back the tears and waiting until you're in a quiet, safe, cry space. Others, don't care, and can't hold the tears back.

Earlier this week I asked the question, what was the last thing that made you cry? Some of the most common answers were...

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a pet
  • Family member received bad health news
  • Proud moments
  • Empathy for those going through tough times
  • Financial issues
  • State of the Union
  • TV Shows or Movies

If you've ever been to a concert or performance of any kind, you've seen emotions take over. Could be nerves, happiness, pride, or sadness, but there have been many tears shed on stage.

Finding the perfect place to cry, having the perfect comfort food and being able to put it behind you are all important parts of some peoples process of a good cry.

One of our Brain Buster Trivia answers was that 16% of people have admitted they've cried at the grocery store. That would actually kill two birds with one stone... location and food.

Where is your go-to best places to let the tears roll? Let me know

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