2/22/22. It's a Tuesday. And it's a two's day. Some people, like your weird yoga instructor that drinks kombucha and believes behavior is dictated by mercury being in retrograde, believe that this day is a special day. And maybe it is.

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Today is a palindrome day, which means it can be read the same way backwards or forwards. But is there a deeper, significant meaning?

The Washington Post reports that celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly thinks there is.

"When we have a repeating number such as two two-two two-two, we have this sort of metaphysical thought which says that this evokes a feeling within us because it is connected to these higher esoteric metaphysical frequencies that align us,” Kelly stated.

For sure.

“For some people, they may see a repeating number … as an affirmation of sorts, a sort of green light from the universe that they’re on their right path or that they’re protected, or that they have, you know, a guide or a spirit who is communicating with them, who is not earthbound," she said.


Whether this day is actually significant for the rest of the world is up for debate, but it is most definitely an important day for Jenny and Max Hayden. That's because 2/22/22 is the day their baby girl was born.

According to a news release from the Wyoming Medical Center, the Baby Hayden was the first baby to be born at WMC on Tuesday.

Photo Courtesy of Wyoming Medical Center
Photo Courtesy of Wyoming Medical Center

"Jenny and Max Hayden welcomed their first baby, a girl they named Jozie Jane, at 9:51 this morning, Feb. 22, 2022," the release stated. "Her team of nurses expertly crafted her a tutu from materials on the floor in honor of her special birthday."

The release noted that the baby girl arrived a bit earlier than expected; she had a due date of March 1. But everything else went according to plan and both mom and baby are as healthy as can be.

"Banner Wyoming Medical Center expects several more babies before midnight on 2-22-22," the release said.

Whether this day has deep, esoteric energies or not (it probably doesn't), we are always delighted by babies. So congratulations to Jenny and Max Hayden, and their beautiful baby girl Jozie Jane. Here's hoping she lives a life that is too loving, too beautiful, and too spectacular for words.

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