Last year I participated in my first Jack-a-lope Jump to benefit Special Olympics in Casper.  It was a truly magical moment and this Saturday, I'm set to participate once again.

The large crowd, the great costumes and freezing temperatures, really make for some great conversations, new friendships as well as photo and video opportunities.  Honestly, I think the hardest part of the jump last year was the waiting my turn.  Cowboy Troy and I jumped at the same time and after hitting the water, there is the shock of the ice cold water to your system.  Once you get your senses back, you scramble the length of the pool to get out.

The look on Troy's face after he came up out of the water, as well as his loud "GASP", still makes me laugh to this day.  Watch for yourself and listen for Troy's gasp at as tries to catch his breath.  Then look at the smile on my face as I'm laughing all the way to the warming pool.

I'm set to do the jump again this year and would appreciate your support in the form of a monetary donation.  You can help by making a donation, no matter how big or small, to benefit Special Olympics and support my jump - please CLICK HERE.  Remember - When we all give a little, we can accomplish great things together!

The 2012 Jack-a-lope Jump supporting Special Olympics is going to be held this Saturday, Feb. 18th at the Casper Aquatic Center.  Jumpers will be registering starting at 8am and the jump begins at 10am.  There are a ton of great prizes for participants and everyone is welcome to attend and participate.

For more details about the Special Olympics Jack-a-lope Jump - Go Here.

To support Rodeo Rick's Jump - Click Here - as we all go "Freezin' For A Reason".