If you are a single girl looking for a relationship or if you're a lady in a relationship that seems to be going south, it's important to be able to spot when a guy is being "Shady". Cosmo Online, compiled a list of red flags for shady guys, asking their subscribers to finish the sentence "Never trust a guy who ... ".  

Cosmo Online posted their top 13 things that should alert you that the guy you're with is "Shady"!

Here are some of the best responses:

Never trust a guy who ...

1 - Winks more than he smiles.

2 - Can't go to the bathroom without taking his cell phone with him.

3 - Says all of his exes are "crazy"

4 - Gets frequent late night phone calls -- and he isn't an on-call doctor

5 - Won't introduce you to his friends or family.


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Now tell us, what other things can you think of that would make you think that a guy wasn't - trustworthy?  Leave a comment below.

Source: Cosmo