A Denver restaurant just got named one of the best chicken wing restaurants in the country, but is it really worth the drive?

I spotted this on Thrillist. They did what the internet does best. They declared the 21 best chicken wing places in America. High on their list is Cho 77 in Denver.

Chicken wings are a pretty big priority in my life, but first consider it's a 4-hour haul to get there.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Note that this is their new address on Blake Street. They used to be on South Broadway, but are opening at the new location in December according to their website.

Consider this. Here's Thrillist description of why their wings are special.

First, it's a large confit wing (one where the drumstick and wing are connected) that's transferred to the grill to get a fantastic char flavor before getting that caramel fish sauce. It's a sweet, savory wing with burnt sugar, caramel, fish sauce, and chili powder all commingled.

Caramel fish sauce? Burnt sugar and chili powder? You had me at the word "commingled".

Would you do the 4-hour drive just for chicken wings?

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