An iconic part of Afton, Wyoming has just been named one of the weirdest roadside attractions in America.

I would like to disagree with the "weird" reference, but I agree that the world's largest elk arch in Afton is an attraction. Thrillist is the national site that just gave it this special recognition. If you're not familiar with Afton's arch, this is what they're referring to.

When I find national lists like this, I am always suspicious that it's been put together by someone who sits at a desk somewhere far away that has never been to Wyoming. The description on Thrillist about why they chose Afton's arch makes me think this might be the case. Here's a quote about what I'm talking about from their article:

Afton is a tiny town in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming -- otherwise known as “Wyoming" -- but the little hamlet south of Jackson has a hell of a unique centerpiece. Assembled from the antlers of more than 3,000 elk, the town’s elk horn arch stretches across four lanes of the sleepy town’s road, weighing in at a whopping 15 tons.

That feels like a dig to me from someone who really doesn't know what Wyoming is all about. It feels like the conspiracy theories about how Wyoming doesn't really exist.

Check out the full Thrillist article and see what you make of their vibe about one of the unique destinations in our state.

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