The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will begin rolling out to the public starting next week.  Folks wanting to wanting to upgrade to the new iPhone X (10) will have to wait just a few weeks longer as that new version won't become available until November.

But a recent survey by WaletHub found that almost 75% of cellphone users won't be upgrading to either of the newest versions.  Mostly because of the price.

In fact, they show that only about 1 in 50 people are willing to drop $1000 dollar or more price tag for the new iPhone X (10) anniversary edition phones coming in a few weeks.

In addition, all the major carrier quit giving away new phones with a 2 year contract, so there is really no incentive for people satisfied with the function of their current phone to upgrade right away.

Only a couple people inside of our office are excited about the latest and greatest iPhone, but they're also our resident tech-geeks and usually get the latest and greatest electronic gadgets and offerings.

So we were wondering, are people in Wyoming excited about the new Apple products or not?

Take our poll and let us know if you're planning on upgrading to either the iPhone 8 or X?

Source: WalletHub

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