What is wrong with the world we currently exist in? A new survey claims that a staggering 4 out of every 10 people would give up their dog instead of their smartphone if they had to choose.

I first saw this story on Upworthy. It's a study from Simple Texting that polled a fairly large number of people and asked them a simple question. The 1,000 people they asked had to make a decision. What pleasures would you give up instead of your smartphone? 40% said they would choose to be separated from their pet for a month instead of being away from their phone that long.

This wasn't the only question asked. 44% of millenials would rather be away from their significant other than their phone. 72% would give up alcohol while 64% said they'd do without coffee. Isn't it funny that coffee is more popular than booze?

There are some funny guy facts in this survey also. 4 out of 10 guys would do without (*ahem*) "physical relations" instead of giving up their phones.

Some other fun stuff to consider. 44% of respondents would rather be on 5 days of jury duty than do without their phones and 47% would be willing to stay at their in-laws for a month than be without their smartphone for that period of time.

I have to wonder if these numbers are higher due to the fact that many have been quarantined away by themselves this year and more dependent on devices. Either way, it's sad that a pet would be neglected instead of a digital device.

The full study is an interesting read from Simple Texting.

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