You hear them and they make you cringe every time. That dreaded word or phrase that your kids, people on TV or on Social Media, will NOT LET GO of.

There's one phrase in particular that really stands out to me, and we have former NFL Quarterback Tom Brady to thank for it...

Let's Go

Now almost every person that's in a sporting or high adrenaline situation will scream it at the top of their lungs. I've heard kids use the phrase, even adding a vulgar middle part, like there's not an issue at all.

Another word that really sticks out to me was used during one of the darkest times in American history.

Every time I hear the word "horrific", I flash back to September of 2001. The tragedy of 9/11 had just happened and almost every member of the press began using horrific. Every report, on every news channel, in every part of the world used horrific to describe the event.

There's no doubt is was horrible, there was tragedy happening, but that one word was used so much, it still makes me cringe and sweat a little.

Even uses the word to describe 9/11, still today.

For many people, just hearing the term 9/11 instantly calls to mind the horrific scenes and complex aftermath of the attacks.

I know that there are many words and phrases that Wyomingites are tired of hearing, and would love for them to be retired (like Tom Brady) in 2024. After an evening on Facebook, it has been proven that there are plenty of annoying sayings that need to go, Bruh!

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