Casper drivers (and Wyoming drivers period), overall, are much better than a lot of the more metropolitan areas that I have lived in over the years.

That being said, we could still use a little work.

On my everyday, early morning commute to the station, I have noticed some very disturbing (and dangerous), driving habits, particular right around where the construction begins heading north on Interstate 25.

Late last year (October 2023), I wrote an open letter reminding local drivers that there is a speed limit through the construction zone, not because I think people didn't know, but because I noticed a lot of drivers ignoring the posted speed limit signs. It's not just dangerous for drivers, but also to the construction workers out there.

As I have to take the Center Street exit to get to work, and the speed limit at the exit is now 20 MPH, just about every morning, there is someone following too closely as I slow down to make that turn. The speed limit in the construction zone is 45 MPH anyway, yet every single morning, there is someone trying flying through the area.

I have had this conversation with several people that have to go this direction during their daily commute and they agree that right at the exit is very dangerous section of road, specifically to follow to closely

Before I go any further, also last year (June 2023), I wrote a separate open letter about tailgating and why it doesn't work in Casper, or anywhere else for that matter.

Tailgating in a construction zone is even worse!

Why folks do that is beyond my comprehension. At least two to three times a week, there is a highway patrolmen there, and every time I see one, they have someone pulled over.

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First off, it's not worth the ticket. It's worth noting that fines are doubled in construction zones.

Second, it's just not safe. If you rear-end someone, you're automatically the person at fault.

Third, getting to your destination safely you should be your number one priority anyway.

I consider myself a safe driver, but since getting in my first severe vehicle accident in my entire life last year, I've been even more cognizant of safety. When driving, you should always think safety first, for you, your passengers and the people you are sharing the road with.

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