If one thing is for certain, it's that social media can share massive amounts of information in a relatively short amount of time.

The problem is, said information is not always true... or at least not one percent accurate.

A Facebook post has recently gone viral of a supposed fully automated McDonald's in the Denver, Colorado area. The photo collage was shared by Renee Cull, along with a caption that read:

And so it begins.

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The post has already been shared over 1200 times since it was initially shared last Wednesday (January 3rd, 2024).

After a fairly detailed internet search, I could not find any concrete evidence to back up the claim of a Mile High City robo-Mickey Dee's.

What I did find was an old post from a Denver-based Facebook page called "I'm From Denver", that was originally shared back on March 31st, 2023, which contained several photos, both inside and out, of the new Denver location, along with a caption that read:

New Fully Auto Order MCDONALD'S with NO EMPLOYEES! Has Opened in Denver.

While yes, the pictures do look convincing, but after spending several, painstaking minutes, combing every inch of the official McDonald's website, the truth was uncovered. There is a fully automated location, but it is in Fort Worth, Texas (right outside of the city limits to be precise), and it is the ONLY one of its kind.

So sorry, folks, there will be no A.I.-fueled conversations with your next Happy Meal, Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets order.

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