Say what you want about Jackson, but they have one indisputable good thing now as their claim to fame. The residents there have among the longest life expectancy in the entire country.

This report comes from a very reputable source. US News and World Report listed the top 25 places in America that have communities that will live the longest. Jackson, Wyoming is ranked as #16 in the entire country for how long their people live. Technically, it's Teton County, but it might as well just be Jackson.

Why is Jackson a great place to live longer? Before you answer that one of their famous residents like Harrison Ford or Sandra Bullock bought the Fountain of Youth, let's dig into some actual life science.

US News and World Report broke down a lot of different metrics in deciding why Jackson residents live longer. Jackson gets high marks for population health and infrastructure. Their smoking rate is also very low compared to other places and very few people there are uninsured. That plays a big part of why some people seek medical help while others can't. Back to that Harrison Ford and Sandra bullock theory.

Poverty rate in Jackson is also low and access to health care scores high. You also have to keep in mind that very few cities/towns in America have the outdoor options like Jackson does. Getting outside and staying active is not hard to do in that part of Wyoming.

It's easy to laugh at Jackson, Wyoming for being the home for lifestyles of the rich and famous. But, it's hard to not desire a place where your life will likely last longer.

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